Sons Of Abraham

Sons of AbrahamSons Of Abraham (in development) is dedicated to making change in the Arab-Israeli conflict and Muslim-Jewish relations by highlighting and promoting the shared values of their shared father- Avraham/Ibrahim. Connecting Jews and Muslims in the Middle East and around the world, Sons Of Abraham focuses on the patriarch of absolute kindness and faith as a point of commonality, unity and understanding between these two religions.

Abraham passed on his passionate commitment for God to his children, Ishmael and Isaac, the respective fathers of Islam and Judaism. Although these brothers began their lives in both physical and spiritual struggle with each other, ultimately the family had a rectification and were shoulder to shoulder when burying their holy father in Hevron/Al Khalil (both names etymologically referring to “friendship” and “uniting”).



Leadership Profiles

Yovav Kalifon

Yovav Kalifon grew up on Kibbutz Tzuba in the Judean hills where archaeological ruins were his childhood playground. After his military service, Yovav, drawn by the elegance of exact definitions and the challenge of problem solving, studied math and physics at the Weizmann Institute and the Hebrew University. Yovav’s science background allowed him to see that it is possible to make headway on the Arab-Israeli conflict by looking at definitions more exactly. Yovav is Co-founder of Tiyul-Rihla (TRIP), a bi-national project dedicated to examining what Israelis and Palestinians think they know about each other and about the conflict between them.

Dara Frank

Dara Frank grew up in New York City, where she played soccer and was active in her synagogue’s youth group. She went to Kenyon College in Ohio where she studied political science and historiography, played rugby, and volunteered with her sorority. After college, Dara made Aliyah with the goal of “making the region a better place.” She is now pursuing her MA in International Relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and when she is not struggling to learn Hebrew or studying for her courses, she serves as co-director of Tiyul-Rihla (TRIP), a joint initiative that brings together Israelis and Palestinians to travel and learn about each others’ history.