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wcs logo newWhite City Shabbat is the portal for Shabbat life in our fine White City. Ensuring that spirituality is not lost on Israel’s cultural and financial capital, the White City Shabbat team and website acts as a matchmaker- connecting people with Shabbat hospitality each week all over the city. Bringing the concept of supra-denominational Shabbat dinner parties to a wider young adult community, the organization also hosts its own private, warm, welcoming, pluralistic, all-inclusive Shabbat meals every month. White City Shabbat also hosts holiday celebrations and meals, Jewish learning series, beginners learning minyan, and inter-community programming.


In 2014, White City Shabbat launched an initiative to set the first ever Largest Shabbat Dinner on Earth with the Guinness Book of World Records & manages The Shabbat Project for Tel Aviv.





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• June 13th 2014, the Guinness World Record was set for the Largest Shabbat Dinner with 2226 attendees
• Over 10,000 Shabbat dinner guests served since 2008
• Regular holiday meals/events
• Hundreds of Lone Soldiers served for no charge
• All Friday night dinner Kiddushes sponsored by Golan Heights Winery



Shabbat Project Tel Aviv









Leadership Profiles

Deborah Dahan

Deborah Danan is a journalist and communications consultant who specializes in Mideast politics and humanitarian issues. After moving to Israel from London in 2001, she received her undergraduate degree at the Hebrew University and her master’s at Bar Ilan University. Her work as an investigative journalist has taken her across the Mideast, from Ramallah to Jerusalem to Cairo to Amman. Deborah runs communication workshops for Israel advocacy groups, Israeli representatives to the UN, spokespeople and outgoing ambassadors from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Deborah also volunteers for TLV Internationals and is co-director for White City Shabbat.

Eytan White

Eytan White is originally from New Rochelle, NY. Prior to moving to Israel, Eytan spent a number of years as a project manager in a construction firm in Manhattan before deciding to make Aliyah to join the IDF in 20­­07. After serving in the Nachal Infantry Brigade of the IDF, he ultimately made the decision to move from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv where he has been residing for nearly 3 years. After moving to Tel Aviv he spent a year as the head of a hi-tech startup before deciding to branch out and start a small construction business of his own. At the same time, Eytan’s infamous cooking skills had his Shabbat table filled with 15-30 people a week, so joining the White City Shabbat team was a natural transition for him. Eytan now serves as the co-director of White City Shabbat, and in pursuit of his true passion in life he is opening a kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv.

Yehuda Goldberg

Yehuda was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. He grew up in a practicing Jewish orthodox family. Throughout his childhood years Yehuda attended various Yeshivot,  each offering its own unique perspective of Judaism while providing a wealth of knowledge and instruction pertaining to every day observance, at the same time instilling a deep appreciation for the Jewish religion. Understanding he exists in a time that holds  a birthright to be a fundamental ideal, the concept of an elevated existence which could only be true in the  Holy Land inspired Yehuda at age 23 to join the IDF.  While enlisted, Yehuda served 6 months in an infantry unit. Yehuda was blessed to find his soul mate Riki, a Yisraelit from Rehovot. The two were married in Israel shortly after Yehuda completed his army training. The couple along with their beautiful son Noam, live in the center of Tel-Aviv, and are dedicated to filling their Shabbat table with guests. Yehuda is the founder of a young media consulting firm and enjoys spending his free time learning the Torah’s  ancient holy scripts and exploring the amazing and wondrous Land of Israel.


Maya Liss

Born in Los Angeles, Maya Liss realized her true passion for Israel after pioneering the pro-Israel movement on her university campus at UC Santa Barbara.  It was after she completed her BA in Communication that Maya moved to Israel in pursuit of her Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.  Upon completing her MA, Maya drafted into the IDF and assisted in the creation of a new IDF sub-sector which facilitates the draft process of new Israeli immigrants.  Towards the end of her service, Maya was awarded Soldier of Excellence by the Major General of the IDF Manpower Directorate.  Since her release from the IDF, Maya has helped establish the Tel Aviv Moishe House and now works for Nefesh B’Nefesh as an IDF Adviser.


Moshe Haiym Polacco

Moshe Haiym was born in Genova, Italy where he graduated with a degree in Bioinformatics. Although Genova’s Jewish community is small, he became very active in organizing the city’s young Jews into a group called GenovaJoy, which assists in integrating Israeli students and the local Jewish community. After his success with this local project, Moshe Haiym went on to volunteer on the national level. He became a counselor in the Union of Young Italian Jews (UGEI). During those three years he gained incredible experience developing various projects aimed at improving Jewish communal life in Italy. He went on to successfully renewing the Jewish community of Parma, Italy and graduated from the Yehud course on community leadership. Since making Aliya in January 2013, Moshe Haiym has been very active in promoting Jewish Life in Tel Aviv, specifically in connecting young Italian Olim to the wider TLV Internationals community.


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