Zionism Calendar

Zionism Calendar logoThe Zionism Calendar (in development) is an interactive website and application designed to inspire.  This powerful educational tool provides Zionist supporters around the globe with daily insights into the history of Zionism from Avraham to the present day. With its own carefully researched database and beautiful design, the Zionism Calendar engages its audience through social media, smartphone, email and web. The website allows viewers to search by date, name, or event, and is regularly updated ensuring users are given new content about Zionism year to year. Each encyclopedic entry throughout the timeline is accompanied by beautiful historic images and graphics.

The content of the Zionism Calendar is informed by the ancient rabbinic understanding that there are seventy faces to the Torah, and thus Zionism itself. The creation of Jewish knowledge and the narrative of our connection to the Land of Israel is the product of diverse insights, perspectives and personalities.



www.ZionismCalendar.com (in development so stay tuned)


Nicolay Tabah – Seventy Faces Of Zionism