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TLV Internationals Logo (2)In the past decade, Tel Aviv has become the premiere destination for young Jews from around the globe to move to and call ‘home.’  TLV Internationals is the lighthouse that attracts and welcomes the newcomer. TLV Internationals coalesces these young professional voices into a unified community and platform for action for the benefit of Tel Aviv and greater Israel. TLV Internationals serves as an advocate for this community’s needs with the local and national government.  With a following of over 60,000 young men and women from a multitude of nations, backgrounds, religious practices, and professional fields, TLV Internationals has built the largest international community in Israel.



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Municipal Partners

Mayor Ron Huldai

Ron Huldai was born on Kibbutz Hulda. He joined the Israeli Air Force and served as a combat pilot for 26 years, including during the Six Day and Yom Kipppur Wars, and retired with the rank of Brigadier General. After his Military service, Huldai became the principal of the renowned Herzlyia Gymnasium School in Tel Aviv-Yafo. He transformed a much-deteriorated institution into a pedagogical showcase of educational and organizational excellence. Following his success as headmaster, Huldai ran for Mayor, and recently won his fourth consecutive term.

Huldai is a distinguished graduate of the United States Air Forces’s American Air War College (’81) and holds a Bachelor of General Studies from Auburn University of Montgomery (’81). He is married to Yael, has 3 children and 8 grandchildren, and enjoys cycling, reading and playing the recorder.

Asaf Zaimr

Asaf Zamir is the First Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, now serving his second 5-year term. Asaf is the youngest Deputy Mayor in the history of the city, having been first elected to the post as the age of 28. Asaf is the Founder and Chairman of “Rov Ha’Ir” the Tel Aviv-Yafo’s young person’s party, which was founded in 2008 to promote issues that concern Tel Aviv-Yafo’s young population, such as housing, nightlife policy, transportation, youth movements, assistance to students, and more. He is currently in charge of education in the city.

Eytan Schwartz

Eytan Schwartz is the Senior Advisor to Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Mayor Ron Huldai for International Affairs, in charge of managing all diplomatic and international operations of the Mayor’s Cabinet. Most recently, Eytan designed and implemented a new municipal strategy to absorb the growing numbers of Western immigrants in the city. He has also designed and managed various public campaigns to position Tel Aviv abroad. Earlier this year, Monocle Magazine named Schwartz among its 10-people Dream Team of municipal officials from around the world. Before joining City Hall, Eytan founded as served as spokesperson for a coalition of human rights organizations that fought on behalf of Sudanese refugees that sought refuge in Israel. Schwartz has a BA summa cum laude in Anthropology from Columbia University and a MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Tel Aviv University.

Yvonne Kapon

Yvonne was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and made Aliyah during October 2012. Prior to that, she obtained/had her B.A. at the University of Athens on the subjects of Psychology, Education and Philosophy and a Teacher’s License from Levinsky College of Education, in Tel Aviv. Yvonne worked for two years for the Athens Jewish Community as a teacher at its school and as a madricha. Through her position, she built the Youth Movement for the ages 13 to 18, which is today part of the Hanoar Hatsioni World Movement. After making Aliyah, Yvonne began volunteering within the Olim community, mainly building a Greek Olim community. Yvonne continuously strives to help build the Olim community, and as a direct result of such work, in March 2015 she was hired by the Tel Aviv Municipality as a Young Olim Coordinator at its Youth Center, in order to represent Olim and to take care of their needs.

Jonathan Javor

Jonathan was born in London and made Aliyah with his parents at the age of 11 to Metulla, Israel’s most Northern town. After finishing high school on Kibbutz Dafna Jonathan began his army service where he spent 3 years in the IDF’s Armored Corps as a Tank Gunner and completed his National Service at the rank of Staff Sergeant. Today, Jonathan still serves in the Tank Corps as his company’s Master Sergeant. After the army, Jonathan returned to London where obtained his B.A. in War Studies and an M.A. in Intelligence and International Security both in the Department of War Studies at Kings College London. In 2008 Jonathan returned to Israel to work on a mayoral election campaign in his hometown. Following the success of the campaign, Jonathan moved to Tel Aviv and began volunteering within the Oleh community. In 2010 Jonathan was appointed to the position of Parliamentary and Foreign Affairs Advisor to MK Otniel Schneller. Following his time roaming the halls of Parliament in his signature suits, Jonathan left the Knesset and joined the Israeli Center for Political Training (ICPT) as the Director of International Programing and Policy. During the 2013 national general elections, he successfully ran the English election campaign for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party. Jonathan continuously strives to help build the Oleh community, and as a direct result of such work, in 2013 the mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, asked him to join his party Tel Aviv 1 to run for city council to represent Olim and to place their needs on the forefront of the public agenda. Following the successful elections Jonathan now serves as an advisor to Mayor Ron Huldai on matters regarding Olim and their integration into Israeli society.

Michael Vole

Michael Vole is currently Director of the Young Adults Unit of the City of Tel Aviv Yafo, one of the youngest cities in the world.  His previous position was with the Secretary of Government in the Prime Minister’s Office. Michael’s mission at the Young Adults Unit is to develop and implement innovative policies meant to improve the quality of life of young people in the city, thereby maintaining Tel Aviv’s reputation as a desirable spot for the young and talented.  His work focuses on both Housing and Civic Engagement.  In his work on Civic Engagement, Michal promotes creative platforms that bring the city’s innovative spirit to the field of government. Michael, born and raised in Tel Aviv, is also involved in various initiatives such as the Forum for Political Reform in Israel. He served in the IDF for 5.5 years and retired from his service as a lieutenant.