Torah Tech

Torah Tech under the Am Yisrael Foundation is an educational program servicing Jewish students ages 15-22+ with a curriculum that combines teachings of Jewish studies and career development to help further the future of our nations rising stars. Our programming includes science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses in addition to practical tools for a Jew in the workplace delivered through seminars, mentoring, on-campus activities, internship programs, and job placement.




Leadership Profiles

Yehuda Goldberg

For 16+ years Yehuda has been deeply engrossed in the high-tech sector, specializing in media start-ups. Yehuda co-founded MasterMailings at age 16, which was acquired by age 18. Yehuda made Aliyah from Passaic New Jersey and served in Nachal 931 as an IDF infantry soldier. Upon release, Yehuda quickly found his place in Tel Aviv, the Jewish start-up capital of the world. Climbing ranks to positions such as Senior Marketing Manager at Matomy Media (public on the TASE) and then Director of Marketing at start-up Adorika Media where he managed their seats on the largest ad exchanges in the world. Most recently, Yehuda founded PPI Media, where he executes big budget campaigns for notable brands such as Microsoft, Cisco, Verizon, Toyota, EA, Heineken, Skittles and many more. Yehuda lives in Tel Aviv with his wife Riki and their three children, spending his days learning torah, working as an active member of the White City community, and consulting for start-ups in Tel Aviv Ir HaKodesh.